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Some Favorite Links

Here are some of my favorite links:

Forums Forums An excellent set of forum dedicated to precision shooting, and an overall excellent site. I post as techshooter here.
Long Range Target Shooting Reloading Forum Good forum for extreme long range shooting and reloading. I post as techshooter here.
Practical Riflery Forums Dan Newberry's OCW and related forums. A good site. I post as techshooter here.
Roderus Custom Gunworks Gunsmithing Forum A excellent forum on home gunsmithing, and other related subjects. I post as cdlong here.
Accurate Reloading Forum Another good reloading forum. I post as techshooter here.
Tool Talk Discussion Board A nice discussion board with lots of people that know machinery very well. Welder, compressors, and all industrial and farm machinery type are discussed.
Anodizing 101 Forum Home anodizing forum. A really good source of information on this process.
Reloading Sites  
Dan Newberry's Optimal Charge Weight Web Site Dan's OCW related reloading site.
Varmint Al's Pages An excellent web site on reloading, physics, ham radio, and other subjects. Al seems to have the same basic interests that I do!
Sources of Supplies  
Holland's Shooters Supply & Gunsmithing An excellent source for both precision tooling and parts for rifle building, as well as gunsmithing services. Great recoil lugs and fixtures for the M700.
Russ Haydon's Shooters Supply A very good vendor. Russ is a top notch benchrest shooter, and carries a very nice selection of components. He knows his stuff, and is a prince of a guy to boot.
Recreational Software, Inc. The distributor for the Southwest Products PressureTrace instrument, as well as the CED Millennium chronograph and the RSI Shooting Lab software. Top notch products and service.
QuickLoad Internal Ballistics Software Site for NECO, the US distributor for QuickLoad internal ballistics software, plus lots of other very nice shooting related products.
MSC Direct Industrial Supply A great source for machine tools and accessories. I get almost all my tooling from them, as well as other supplies.
Brownells A good source for gunsmithing specific items - tools, parts, etc.


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