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Welcome to my Shooting Web site!

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This site contains information that is related to extreme long range rifle accuracy, including research into certain aspects of internal ballistics and how these issues relate to rifle accuracy.


Ever wonder what physical process causes load group sizes to be better for some combinations of bullet and powder charge?

Read all about it in my presentation on:

 Acoustic Shock Waves and the Optimal Barrel Time loading concept!

Disclaimer and Copyright Notice:

The information contained herein is to be used for your own personal edification and enjoyment, not for commercial purposes. Unless explicitly stated, all material herein is under copyright protection; any use of this material for sale or profit without express permission of the author is prohibited.

You use any or all of this data at your own risk. Reloading can be dangerous, so approach all new combinations with caution, and work up slowly.


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2016 Cascade Shooting Facilities Match Schedule

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